Withdrawal of cash from a HYIP project

To invest money in the project and receive payments due to uninterrupted profitability, it is necessary to register and execute a simple algorithm of actions:

  • register on the project website using the standard form, filling in personal information and e-mail;
  • create a personal cabinet, having thought up the login and a strong password for the entrance;
  • pass authorization, confirming the account (via e-mail or directly on the site through captcha). The code from the image is entered to minimize hacker attacks on the site.

Money transfer

After the authorization is completed, a deposit is created in the personal account, the investor specifies the period for which the deposit is made, the amount of the investment, as well as the payment system for payment and calculation of profits. After the receipt of money on the account of the project, the amount credited will appear on the balance of the account. Automatic crediting of funds occurs instantly. If there are problems with the payment system, the processing of the application takes place in manual mode, for up to one day. In the private office comes the notification of manual processing of the application.

After replenishing the balance and creating a deposit in the personal account, the first enrollments will be received from the project. Charges occur after 24 hours from the date of creation of the deposit (for different projects, these conditions may differ). Often, interest is “frozen” on weekends and holidays.

Reinvestment and withdrawal of profit

In some companies, the possibility of compounding (reinvestment of profit) is available. That is, the depositor does not need to wait until the end of the deposit period, the interest from the profit can be reinvested, adding them to the initial investment. If the project provides for the daily withdrawal of profits, the value of compound in the settings should be set to 0%.

You can track the entire history of the account’s cash flow in your personal booth, on the “history” tab. There is also an “output” tab, which you can use if the deposit expires or you can receive the earned profit by the project. The money will go to the electronic wallet within 1-3 days, the companies determine the rules of payment of profits. The transaction will be completed when it is displayed on the electronic wallet and in the personal account. In the payment history on the project site, the transaction number and time will be specified.

In the absence of continuous investment, the HYIP project can cease to exist, accordingly, payments will cease to flow.