How to Make Money on HYIPs: Step-by-Step Instruction

Investing in high-yield projects is associated with risks, and no expert will provide guaranteed recommendations that will get rid of them. Investors need to get acquainted with the methods of funds management, minimization and diversification of risks. In this article, we will look at how to earn a step-by-step in HYIP projects: where to start and how to reach profit.

Step 1. Budget Planning

First of all, the investor must determine the amount of capital that will be invested in one or several projects, and then form an investment portfolio of the earned funds. It is important to allocate an amount that allows you to make a profit that meets the expectations of the depositor. But this does not have to be investor’s last money-there is always a risk of losing investments, in which case you will be disappointed in this way of investing.

It is not necessary to take loans for HYIP for the same reason – the risk of losing the entire amount, and for loans you will still have to pay interest. The investor must necessarily familiarize himself with the scheme of HYIP’s work in order to make sure that it is possible to earn money. It is important to know the minimum amount of the deposit, the procedure for calculating interest and withdrawing funds.

Step # 2. Selection of the project and the type of contribution

It may take a long time to find a suitable project, but it is not worth hurrying on this issue. An investor should pay attention to projects that have existed for a relatively long time. You can also give preference to FAST projects. The type of HYIP selected will affect the strategy used. Basically, companies offer several types of deposits, differing by the minimum deposit size, terms of investment and interest rate. In addition, there are doublers, in which there is no possibility of withdrawing the main part of the deposit before the end of the term of the transaction.

Beginning investors can pay attention to projects-hourly, in which the accrual of interest occurs every hour and the earned amount can be immediately withdrawn. Experienced investors can independently distinguish the types of HYIP and assess how profitable are their conditions for earning. However, the main criterion of choice is the conscientiousness of the creator (administrator) of the project, since the profit will depend on this.

Step # 3. Project Analysis

When visiting the site, investors need to pay attention to the following features of his work:

  • interface design. The reliability of the company is evidenced by the qualitative design of the site. Usually, companies that do not plan a long existence, do not spend large sums on the design of the interface. A substandard design should alert the investor;
  • place of domain registration and term of existence. This information users can find out in any WHOIS-system. Basically, the difference between the dates of domain registration and the launch of the project is about a month. The place of registration of the domain can be anything, as the creators of short-term projects try to hide their location;
  • It is important to carefully read the rules, which will avoid misunderstandings. The reliability of the company is indicated by the absence of errors in the text and its logical submission;
  • communication with the administration. Serious projects provide an opportunity to consult a specialist. Investors should check whether it is possible to contact the administration. If this was not done, the company is unreliable;
  • statistics of attendance. If the site is low attendance – this indicates that the project will not exist for a long time;
  • the presence of a secure SSL protocol and protection against DDOS attacks. If they are, the company deals with security issues, and it is possible to cooperate with it.

Step # 4. Select multiple projects

Investors should choose simultaneously several projects to minimize risks. By investing funds in one HYIP, depositors risk losing all funds at the same time.

Step # 5. Create a plan

Working on several projects simultaneously, investors can get confused in their characteristics, which can also lead to errors. To solve this problem, you can create an Excel spreadsheet with the basic characteristics of each project. This approach will help keep information always at hand and track your losses and profits.

Step # 6. Development

Investors who choose high-yield investments must have certain knowledge and skills. They need to constantly develop, communicating with other investors, getting acquainted with new information and recommendations of professionals. Investors can also start a blog by providing users with information about working on projects, their losses and profits. This will help novice investors and analyze their own mistakes. Development is an integral part of investment activity.

Step # 7. Security

An important condition for investing in any project is the use of different logins and passwords. In order not to forget them, it is advisable to make an appropriate entry in the notebook. Also, you need to take care of the security of the operating system by installing the latest version of the antivirus program. An important rule is to use wallets of electronic systems. It is not necessary to transfer money directly from a bank card, as it will be necessary to specify the data that fraudsters can use.

Step # 8. Real assessment of the situation

Every investor investing money in HYIP must be realistic. Most of these projects are not long-term and risky, so they can not bring any profit. Choosing a reliable company, customers will be able to profit quickly and withdraw it. However, if this does not happen – do not be disappointed in investing in HYIP in general, as there are a lot of successful and reliable projects with which you can get income.

Using this instruction, investors will be able to increase the probability of profit and minimize risks.