Investor’s dictionary

Acquaintance with HYIP-projects begins with the study of the basic terms, which the novice investor can easily navigate in the process of work:

Account — Personal cabinet generated by the system after registration of the user, containing information about the owner, as well as registration data.

Admin — the project administrator, performing organizational functions, providing feedback to investors and resolving any emerging issues. Often the administrator is the creator of the HYIP project.

Upline — An investor who invited a new participant to the project.

Auto Payment — means, arriving at the purse of the user in the established period of time without preliminary order.

Batch —number of the money transaction.

 HYIP — an investment project that offers users a high profit, the abbreviation High Yield Investment Program – literally: “a highly profitable investment program.”

High yield hyip — a project that provides a monthly profit exceeding 61%.

 Medium yield hyip— HYIP, the investor’s profit in which varies from 16 to 61% monthly.

Low yield hyip— HYIP, the investor’s profit in which varies from 6 to 16% monthly.

Gold Coders — a popular “engine”, on the basis of which the majority of modern investment HYIP projects are created.

Doubler — a well-known type of HYIP, doubling the initial investment.

Deposit — money contribution for profit.

DDOS attack — numerous requests for the site address in order to destabilize its operation, as well as to make it difficult for users to access it.

Daily forever — daily payments for an unlimited period, while the term for withdrawal from the project is determined by the investor himself, unless otherwise stipulated in the conditions.

Denial of Service — the suspension of the project, associated with attacks on the server or other reasons, with a temporary termination of payments.

Diversification — an investment strategy for allocating capital, which involves placing funds in various HYIP projects to reduce the risk of losing investment.

Earning — profit of the depositor in the project.

Earning only on mon-fry — a common point of project conditions, which indicates profit accrual only on working days (Monday-Friday).

Instsnt — immediate withdrawal of funds, implemented almost immediately after the request.

Transaction Code — an arbitrary digital or alphabetic password for the execution of a monetary transaction.

Compound — reinvestment of the deposit or accrued interest. Some HYIP offer users an independent setting of the percentage value for compounding.

Latest Payouts — the last payments made to the user.

Liberty — Liberty Reserve, the most popular payment system used in almost all HYIP. At the present time, I stopped working.

Listing — The list of HYIP-projects, determining their solvency depending on the category, the location in which directly depends on the amount of the amount paid by the administrator.

Login — the username required to authorize the account.

Manual — payments to users, carried out by the project administrator in a manual mode.

Monitoring — Information resource that monitors the work of HYIP-services.

Perfect — Perfect Money, a payment service used in most HYIP.

Profit — income of the participant in the project.

Ponzi — a system based on the principle of the pyramid, in which payments to participants are made at the expense of funds coming from new users. The scheme was created by the Italian Charles Ponzi.

Pool — principle of joint investment.

Pade Poster — a user who takes an active part in promoting HYIP, leaving information on deposits and payments at various sites.

Pending — time for making payments in manual mode.

Refund — Return of the funds charged for attracting the referral.

Referal Cash Back — payment by the user to the referral of the money credited by the system for its attraction.

Referral — contributor, registered by the reference of the participant.

Reflink — A unique reference for each participant of the project, designed to attract referrals.

ROI — the principle of assessing the return on the deposit, depending on its return.

Principal — amount of deposit.

Scum — stopped payments HYIP.

SSL — cryptographically encrypted protocol, providing a secure Internet connection for project users, secure storage of authentication data.

Script — program code for the development of the HYIP project website.

Fast — A project that offers high profits in a short period of time.

History — history of all user transactions.

Withdraw — withdrawal of money.