10 mistakes of HYIP investors

The slightest error of the investor can lead to a loss of capital, the accumulation of which was spent time and money. Beginners and experienced HYIP investors should be sure to familiarize themselves with the list of mistakes, often made by depositors in HYIP.

Mistake # 1. The investor risks all money at once

The investor’s confidence in his own strength increases along with the profitability of his investments. Some of them make a serious mistake, investing all the profits in one project. This is done in order to simultaneously invest all the savings and at a minimum of time, increase them at times. However, this often leads to the loss of all money.

The solution of the problem is trial or test contributions. These are small investments, the profit from which is spent for own needs, and the rest is re-invested. In most cases, HYIPs regularly fulfill their obligations for small investments, and when it comes to large amounts, depositors may not see revenue. Given this, investors can avoid large losses.

Mistake # 2. The possibility of withdrawing money has not been verified

Sometimes the function of withdrawing funds from the project does not work or works incorrectly. This often happens if you have chosen a profitable HYIP project, which completes its activities.

You can avoid this by pre-testing the cashout function. For this, a test deposit is made and, after receiving a small income, funds are withdrawn. If you have not checked the possibility of withdrawing funds – do not make major contributions.

Mistake # 3. The investor does not pay attention to security

Another common mistake is when an investor is registered in a HYIP project with his e-mail and password, which are used for authorization in payment systems. In this case, attackers can crack e-mail, and then get access to purses in electronic payment systems and withdraw money from them.

The basic rule of security, which must necessarily adhere to literate investors – different logins and passwords. This allows you to protect yourself from scammers.

Mistake # 4. The investor delays with the withdrawal of funds

Отличительная особенность хайпов в их краткосрочности. Большинство из них закрывается в течение шести месяцев с момента открытия. Поэтому выводить средства нужно сразу после получения прибыли.

Mistake # 5. The greed of the investor

Participating in HYIP projects, investors are easy to make money, but it is difficult to keep them. The key temptation is the possibility of reinvesting profits in order to increase earnings in a geometric progression. It is better to divide the capital into several parts and invest them in different projects.

Mistake # 6. Investment of funds in advertised projects

Most investors prefer projects that are well advertised and known. However, this does not guarantee that the company will properly fulfill its obligations and will not be closed in the near future. You need to carefully read the proposal of each project and choose the service that will regularly pay cash. Do not trust the opinion of users of forums, since in most cases they do not have enough experience to objectively evaluate the investment project.

Mistake # 7. Investing in an unknown project

Beginners HYIP investors often invest, not checking how reliable the project is. Each company needs to know the maximum amount of information, determining whether it is worthwhile to trust it. Some projects still exist, but funds are not paid to customers. Before registering it is important to carefully read the proposal of the project, reviews of other clients about it on thematic forums. This will help to expose the promising HYIP.

Mistake # 8. Withdrawal of money at the end of the year

From year to year, investors make this mistake, withdrawing money at the end of December. It should be borne in mind that HYIP projects face crises during this period. This is due to the fact that most investors try to get their profits at the end of the year, and the company’s capital may not be enough to meet the demands of all customers simultaneously. Therefore, do not save money and try to withdraw them at the end of the year. In addition, it is not worth investing in projects on pre-holidays and holidays.

Mistake # 9. The investor does not use the earnings strategy

It is better not to get carried away by one high-level project, despite the large profits, regular payments and other benefits of cooperation. This distracts the investor from the main purpose of investment, forcing him to forget about the existing risks. Regardless of the situation, you need to adhere to the strategy of earning on the HAIP.

Mistake # 10. The investor does not diversify its risks

Investors should select several projects simultaneously and divide capital into proportional parts. This will allow you to make profits simultaneously from several sources, reducing the risk of losing all funds at the same time. In the case of cooperation with only one company, investors may find themselves in a situation where money ceases to pay and as a result all savings are lost.

Earnings in HAIPs are an art that is not available to every investor. Avoiding common mistakes, the risks will be less, and the probability of profit – much more!