Payment system

In the work of HYIP projects, payment systems act as one of the main components. In most of these projects, PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin is used to replenish the balance and withdraw funds. These payment systems contain the bulk of the capital of investors, these funds subsequently flow into the most popular HYIP projects.

By popularity they are inferior to ADVCash, OkPay, SolidTrustPay, Payza. The first service has already taken a good position in the HYIP industry. The last 3 systems are used mainly in foreign projects. Without payment systems, the project can not function, despite the advanced script, competently drafted, claiming the title of the dream project: the user will not be able to perform basic actions such as replenish the account and withdraw the earned capital.

Why do payment systems play an important role in HYIP projects?

If you seriously deal with earning on the haypah, you need to consider all the risks that are in this area. This sector was not in vain called the “gray” zone, which has its own characteristics. Projects to date operate on a semi-legal basis, the nature of many of them is generally fraudulent. The main thing for administrators of such projects, having completed it unsuccessfully, to go undetected. Payment systems – the right key in any scheme where there are intruders, since they act absolutely legally and are reliable.


PerfectMoney was founded in 2008, quickly bypassed the popularity of LibertyReserve, which at first was its main competitor, but later quickly closed. The root cause of popularity lies in the conduct of a loyal policy: the person can remain hidden, and subsequent detection of the user is almost impossible. True, for this you will have to give generous commissions. The choice is always, it is important to decide what exactly you need: safety or the possibility of rapid enrichment. The latter can be questioned. Irrelevant actions will have the opposite effect. Instead of receiving attractive payments, the user simply loses his “hard earned” money.

There was another payment service that provided users with the same opportunities – EgoPay, but it also closed. This project provided for useless verification, which does not really give anything, but is mandatory. In PerfectMoney, the administrator specifies fictitious data, which is very risky, or can indicate genuine information, it is necessary to get large discounts on commissions. An oldcomer PerfectMoney outflanked less successful competitors.


BitCoin is a service with excellent prospects. This is the youngest EPS, working with crypto-currencies. HYIP investors, as well as project administrators, are most attracted by anonymity and a high level of protection. It is most suitable for those who are not ready to show all their incomes to fiscal bodies. Taking into account the fact that the rate of bitcoin and other crypto currencies is constantly growing, the purse in this payment system is a real deposit.


On the cooperation with Qiwi, the HYIP developers are extremely reluctant: it is necessary to indicate the mobile phone number, which is practically comparable to the identity card. Careful admins, who have been working in this field for a long time, have already developed their own scheme, which allows them to safely bypass all the underwater reefs. HYIP creators are interested to leave “from the stage” and pass problematic situations.


One of the most common payment systems in the past. Allows you how to pay for various sites, and make transfers from user to user, exchange funds and output to other EPS or carats. Commission for sending – 0%, for receiving – 0,95%. You can also order a Payeer MasterCard and withdraw funds from any ATM in the world.


The system provides a variety of methods for accepting payments. Commission for internal transfer -0.5%. Cashing its checks is carried out around the world at 2.5%. You can also withdraw funds to a bank card or account on favorable terms – 1%.


Yandex.Money offers a very convenient service of withdrawing funds to bank card accounts, but for a very decent commission: 3% + 45 rubles. In this case, a strict verification procedure is provided, without which you can work, but your account can be blocked at any time along with the money that is stored on it.


A young but popular payment system in investor circles, thanks to the fact that internal transfers are made without commission, and the ADVCash plastic card allows you to cash out funds in more than 200 countries.


Payza works in the market for 10 years, supports 21 currencies, but there is no ruble on this list. Payments can be made around the world, except for a few countries. Some HYIP projects use this system, but rarely and reluctantly.