Can I make money by investing on the Internet?
Of course. But for this you need to know how and where to invest money. The promise of very fast receipt of superprofits is usually fraud. Earnings on HAIPs – a rather complex and always risky business, to learn this can take more than one month. If you decide to do this kind of investment, be prepared for the fact that it will take a lot of time, careful analysis and unique selectivity. But we should start in any case with acquaintance with our teaching materials.
How to make money on HYIPs?
In order to successfully earn on HYIPs, you always need to “keep abreast of” the latest changes in the field of HYIP, learn to understand well the sites and their technical part: SSL certificates, DDOS protection, scripts. In addition, you will have to constantly develop, try different strategies, constantly diversify the risks. Investors with extensive experience will say that only with time comes the ability to choose from the list of really promising projects that will bring you a good plus.
Can a HYIP project stop payments?
Yes, and it will necessarily do so. Sooner or later it happens with each project, because the HYIPs work according to the principles of the financial pyramid and the payments are covered by new deposits. As soon as new investments cease to flow, the project closes. This is the hallmark of HYIPs in their fragility. Reliable projects work on average six months or a year. That’s why we recommend “keeping the eggs in different baskets”, diversifying the risks and working with several HYIP projects at once. During this time, many investors have time to make good money in the project. It’s quite another matter if you choose a website that is known to be without signs of reliability – there is no need to wait for payments here.
How to return money after the scum?
No way. Payments in HYIP projects are carried out at the expense of receipts from new investors. Of course, if payments are at least partially made, it is impossible to return the par value to all. If payments are stopped, then there is no income and there is no way to return the money.
Why do I need your portal / What is monitoring of HYIPs?
Monitoring of HYIPs is a web project dealing with the analysis of HYIP projects based on the experience of monitoring experts and key criteria for their evaluation (market time, website quality, etc.). In addition, monitoring provides important information on projects: regularity of payments, current payment status, etc. Important! Monitoring is the investor of all projects presented on it and also receives payments, information on payments is formed on the basis of these data. Also monitoring insures investor contributions and provides compensation, responds to their complaints and offers assistance. Read more at “About Us“)
Why do I need a “Personal Cabinet”?
A private office is needed to order refback, compensation or insurance. Money can be obtained, including at the expense of a personal cabinet. Also, you will be able to receive bonuses and other monetary rewards for this account.
What is the “Active Partners of the Month”?
This is the TOP 10 partners who show the greatest activity during the month: they invest the most, promote our project in social networks and so on, and, as a result, receive the most cash bonuses.
How can I find the project I need?
Use the search bar on our “Search by projects” portal by typing the name of the project in its field.
I forgot the password from my personal cabinet, what should I do?
You can request its recovery by entering your e-mail. After that, a further instruction will be sent to the specified address.
Which projects are reliable?
Projects presented in the section of our website “Project Reviews
How can I get insurance?
Read the detailed conditions on the page “Deposit insurance
Which HYIP projects can be invested, and which ones should not be invested in?
Read our article “How to choose a project“. In it, we have detailed the question of which projects can be trusted, and which ones are best avoided.
How to determine the level of reliability of the project and find out the period of its operation?
In detail, the answer to this question can be found in the article “How to choose a project
How much should I invest?
It is better for an investor to begin with a sum that is not to be lost. We described in more detail the answer to this question in the “Teaching material
How to get a refback?
Register in the project under the link from our monitoring, make a deposit. Then ask for a refback on our website, indicating all the necessary information, after which he will be credited to your account within … hours. More details on the page “Refback“.
How to receive compensation?
To learn more about the rules for obtaining compensation, you can go to the “Compensation” page