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Professional assessment of projects from experts, protection of deposits and maximum compensation. Reduce risks to a minimum and choose lucrative projects!

Insurance fund

Protection of deposits

amount: 50$

Project start: 23.03.2018

The project worked: 26 дней

Our investment: 100$

Not paying
Our evaluation:



The BITBOT team has created an innovative program that monitors independently the slightest deviations in crypto currency value. It works as one with the exchange and the site, helping to purchase or sell investments on several exchanges in a timely manner.

The program recognizes the amount deposited at the time of recharge and begins to work with it.

The cost of crypto currency changes every minute, varying in the average range from 0.10 $ to 10.00 $. Our program tracks sharp declines, buys the most profitable coins and keeps them on a secure balance.

The program starts active sales of crypto currency at growth by several units and then goes into a waiting mode for its further decline.

– The program will not allow the project to run at the deficit as it works with several crypto – currencies simultaneously.
– Full security: all purchased crypto currency is stored in a separate server with 3-level protection.
– The program interacts with the site closely – if the user wants to withdraw money, it receives a signal and reserves the specified amount to get it.
– Getting a stable profit from 1% to 5.8% per day – this percentage is explained by the program’s feature to recognize any micro fluctuations of the crypto currency without waiting for significant ups or downs. This brings guaranteed profits and reduces all losses to zero.

Income: Mid Yield

Payments: Manual

Min deposit: 10$

Max deposit:

Referral comission: 5%

With this project we return to you: 5%

Payment systems:
SSL GrenBar,
DDoS protection,
Unique design,
Licensed script GoldCoders,
Verif PM
Tariff plans:
Tariff 1

Income: 1% to day;

The term of Deposit: indefinitely;

The Deposit is refunded at any time;

Minimum Deposit for this tariff plan: 10$;

Maximum Deposit for this tariff plan: Not limited;

The minimum amount for withdrawal: 1$ , withdrawal fee - 5% from the requested amount;

Expected profit: 30% to month.


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