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Professional assessment of projects from experts, protection of deposits and maximum compensation. Reduce risks to a minimum and choose lucrative projects!

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Protection of deposits

amount: 100$

Project start: 13.03.2018

The project worked: 73 дней

Our investment: 70$

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BtcRush – is the first project of cloud-based mining in the history, which has achieved a fantastic goal: we make payments every 10 minutes.

How did we achieve this? The matter is that we are engaged in the extraction not only of bitcoin, but also of the most promising cryptocurrencies as soon as they appear. It was extremely simple to mine such currencies as ETH, LTC, DOGE and others in the first days of mining.

Using many years of experience in the cryptocurrency market, we can easily track new prospect players, be the first ones to start mining them and then sell them for bitcoins, thus ensuring a stable profit for our customers. What will be discussed in the news in five years is already mined on our farms.

Company advantages:

1. SegWit protocol support
From the very first day BtcRush supports the SegWit protocol for Bitcoin and Litecoin! Thus if your wallet supports this protocol as well, all your transactions, both deposits and withdrawals, will be much faster!

2. High-tech computing equipment
Whatever investment plan you choose, at your disposal is the most advanced equipment occupying leading positions in the world of cloud-based mining. Our system architects have developed the most optimal solutions for mining cryptocurrencies, and industrial engineers have suggested how to save significantly in the design of premises. When every aspect of business is undertaken by a professional, you can be sure in reliable and stable income.

3. No commissions
Why do you have to pay pool fees? Leave it to us! Forget about the delicate issue of choosing algorithms, settings and similar troubles. We are our own pool, we have enough capacity. Just get the computing power for a lifetime. Yes, we have everything so simple and transparent.

4.Optimization of investments
They say not to put all eggs in one basket. In other words, diversify the portfolio! We give complete freedom to the user. Just distribute powers among any available cryptocurrencies. Our user-friendly interface will give you a clue how to do it.

The company is registered in UK under number 10794134check

Income: Mid Yield

Payments: Manual

Min deposit: 5$

Max deposit: 5000$

Referral comission: 0.5% daily from the sum of referrals ' active deposits within 30 days

With this project we return to you:

Payment systems:
SSL GrenBar,
DDoS protection,
Dedicated server,
Unique script,
Unique design,
The company is officially registered,
Verif PM
Tariff plans:
Tariff 1

Income: 4.1% per day;
On this tariff plan accrual of profit every 10/5/1 minute;

The term of Deposit: indefinitely;

Withdrawal of the Deposit is possible at any time;
Minimum Deposit for this tariff plan:5$;

Maximum Deposit for this tariff plan: not limited;

The minimum amount for withdrawal: 0,1$ , withdrawal fee - 5% of the requested amount;

Expected profit: 123% per month.

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