Quick scam is a fairly common phenomenon for investment projects that operate on the principle of a financial pyramid. This is to reduce the amount of investment that was planned to cover the growing needs of the first depositors. The result of the activities of such companies looks depressing: practically nobody except the first investors and project managers can earn, the invested capital is completely lost.

We protect your deposits!

Many people are striving to multiply their savings. Most of the owners of temporarily available funds in their pursuit of profit come in questionable projects: financial pyramids, mutual funds, etc. They are all types of HYIP projects. But the classic HYIPs can really give the investor a good profit. It’s quite easy to get into HYIP. This can be promoted by active advertising and even acquaintances who successfully invested in HYIPs.

Specially to protect the financial interests of potential investors, our site was created – invest-choice.com, whose main goal is to maximize the protection of depositors’ interests and funds in cooperation with highly risky projects.

How does the deposit protection system work?

Already today on the site invest-choice.com an effective algorithm for protecting deposits has been created. The funds, due to which it is planned to cover the losses of the portal clients, accumulate from banner advertising and listing.

If you have invested in a project from our list of trustworthy HYIPs, and it has closed – we will cover your losses at your own expense.

In case the funds of the reserve fund are not sufficient to cover the losses completely, each client receives compensation in proportion to the invested funds.

Terms of participation in the deposit protection program

Since the beginning of 2017 under the aegis of “eternal protection” an unlimited number of participants who want to cooperate with HYIPs can work. In order to become a portal client, you need to familiarize yourself with a single system of concepts and rules:

  • under the category of “fast Scam” fall companies that have not worked out the minimum investment circle. Information about the project must necessarily be found in the section “Project Reviews”;
  • the main sources for the formation of the deposit protection fund are the portal revenues from the placement of banner advertising, the referral commission and listing (25%);
  • the program is valid only for people who have been registered at the portal invest-choise.com and registered in the project on our referral link;
  • compensation is calculated as the difference between the amount of the initial deposit and the planned interest and reflex;
  • for cases where the fund’s assets are insufficient to cover losses of the portal clients, the rule of proportional coverage of losses is applied;
  • in order to receive compensation, it is necessary to submit an application in the prescribed manner (fill in all the indicated fields: nickname on the portal and on the project, the amount of the deposit and the amount of losses) within 2 days (48 hours) from the moment the project was announced by the scaffold on our portal.

How are compensations paid?

After checking the application and, if necessary, obtaining answers to additional questions, the program participant receives a refund within 2 to 4 days. Persons who are suspected of fraud can be denied compensation.

In order to further develop the program, partners who received refunds are recommended to report a report on the returns received. This will create a positive evaluation of the portal and help many other investors.