Attention, chained to HYIP projects, is justified by the high interest that project administrators promise. In order to help depositors, we have developed a payment program through our monitoring portal for HYIP projects

Each participant RCB receives an opportunity to receive payments immediately after registration.

Rules for obtaining RCB:

  • you must be a registered user of our site;
  • register in the HYIP project is necessary on our referral link;
  • after registration of the deposit, it is necessary to apply for a reflex through the personal cabinet or through feedback;
  • to apply for a commission on your wallet or balance, the user has three days;
  • The receipt of the reflex is possible only with respect to still operating HYIPs. Pay attention to its status. If there is a “pays” or “Waiting” icon opposite the project, you can apply;
  • The standard processing time for calls is 36 hours. If no confirmation of payment or remarks on correction of information in the application has come in the specified period, you should check your contact information.

We draw attention to the fact that in order to obtain the maximum reflex, it is necessary to specify in advance the amount of the payment

When can I get a refusal in payment?

The rejection of applications is possible in case of specifying incorrect information about the dimensions of the reflex. The time allotted for verifying the applicant’s data is used to verify the customer and the amounts payable. If there is a suspicion of fraud, the user’s account can be reset and even blocked. The administration strongly recommends checking the questionnaires before sending.

In exchange for the received return of a part of the invested funds, the monitoring portal asks you to unsubscribe about the results of cooperation!