• The full range of terms of use of the site is presented in the following User agrees between the user and the resource.
  • Terms of the agreement come into force after the voluntary conclusion of the contract between the exit.
  • Registration on the site is carried out in parallel with the adoption of the user agreement.


  • Resource Responsibilities
    • Ensuring continuous operation of the resource and user’s personal cabinet;
    • Confidentiality and secure preservation of the user’s personal data.


  • Content of the resource
    The content of the resource is not a call to action, but information for acquaintance. The administration is not responsible for the consequences of cooperation with the projects, the use of information provided on the site, as well as for the closure of the project, lost profits and other losses that the user can use the information provided.


  • Possible risks
    The investment of funds in any investment directions entails the risk of their loss. The content of the resource does not guarantee a positive result of investment and is an introductory one, therefore, no liability for loss of use during investing in projects is available.


  • Terms of use of the resource
    Users of the resource are allowed adult users who undertake not to expose the site to viruses and dangerous programs or devices. All costs and damages that a resource may incur due to the act or omission of the first are reimbursed according to the contract.


  • Denial of responsibility
    All information about the projects, which is posted on the site in the form of banners, is also an introductory, rather than an advisory one. The administration of the resource is not responsible for the risks of using the information, the reliability of the content of the projects and the accuracy of the information provided in the links about them.